Web Services


Allows for Third Party integrations into The Collector System®

Real-time Access

Ecliptics Web Services provide real-time access to The Collector System® (TCS) via a web interface and RESTful Web Services. This allows for Third Party integrations into TCS for custom development projects such as IVR, Payment Processing, Document Management, Notes, SMS, Email, Ringless Voicemail (Direct Drop) and other real-time services.

Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. With Ecliptics Web Services agencies now have the ability to open up TCS to Clients and Third Party Vendors.

  • Request TCS data in real-time
  • Accept real-time updates into TCS
  • Write Custom Programs to execute inside TCS

Secure Access

Secure and Encrypted communication between Third Parties and The Collector System®

  • SSL Encrypted communication from end to end.
  • Authentication - unique credentials and session token for each integration
  • Authorization - grant access to only specified client data